Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Solution for Sliding Glass Door Security

Lockking Security Lock/Bars for Sliding Doors and Windows-  
                               A Great Solution

The solution for securing sliding glass doors (patio doors) is LockKing Security Lock/Bars.

This invention will solve most of the problems that occur locking a typical sliding glass door.

Constructed of Aircraft Quality Aluminum it will withstand years of use.

The security bars comes in many standard sizes for sliding glass doors and sliding windows.

The products can be viewed and purchased at,,  and

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lockking Security Bars for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors or Patio Doors usually have a common problem, the latch or lock doesn't work. Unless you own a very expensive door with a deadbolt system, you are like millions of other home owners or renters that have a less than adequate lock.

Many people use a stick or purchase a clamp on or screw on device that that may fix the problem temporarily. There are even some inexpensive hinged bars that the home owner has to cut to fit and screw into the door and jamb.

The problem with all of these products, even the stick is that you have to continually do something to it to make it work. Example: the stick, you have to remove it each time you want to
open the door and remember to put it back when you are done, you can't see if it's in place or not.  Hopefully the dog or child hasn't run off with it.

With most systems on the market including the latch that came with the door, a burglar can easily pry the door open. The stick seems to be the cheapest most effective solution, but notthe best solution.

What you need is the Peace of Mind knowing that you don't have one more thing that you have to worry about and you can feel safe and secure about that vulnerable big piece of sliding glass.

That's where Lockking's Articulating Arm comes into play. Not only is it Easy to Install but to use,  it couldn't be much Easier to Use.

Fitting between the sliding door and the side jamb it it provides the Perfect Solution to securing your sliding glass door.

Made in USA of Quality Materials.   View Products and Purchase at: