Monday, June 21, 2010

Sliding Glass Door Security / A Real View

Not long ago, I received a call from a woman whose brother was a quadriplegic. She was intent on eliminating his struggles opening and closing, locking and unlocking his sliding door.

 Her brother used a stick in the track with a string attached to it. She had been researching the internet for a solution, looking for a security bar - one that would fit in his large-sized sliding door. Her search brought her to Lockking Security Bars.


A very large focus of the media is security, everything from securing our borders to home invasions; with daily news from crime against homes to crime against businesses. Many home devices are unable to withstand a break-in, although any security device will definitely help deter a break-in. An estimated 1 in 3 homes have a sliding door and most homes have sliding windows, making a good, strong security bar a valuable tool in home security.

Some windows in a home are in a vulnerable place by sight or by foliage, and with that in mind, a security bar is a very helpful security product for sliding doors and sliding windows. It is set in the door, with one end attached to the sliding door and the other end attached to the jamb. The only tools needed are a tape measure and the supplied hex wrench for the adjustment.

An important part of this security bar is that once installed it moves with the sliding door.  You can leave it unlocked and just lock it when you're done going outside.

The Security Bar eliminates bending over to pull up a stick or move some kind of fixed lock.

The bar moves with the door back and forth, and a simple Lift of the Lock will Unlock it, and a simple Push Down will Lock it.


Once in a locked position, the bar prevents any movement such as jiggling of the door, and help prevent removal of the door itself from the outside.

 This product overcomes many obstacles encountered by seniors, handicapped and disabled homeowners.

 Installed at a convenient height, it can be easily locked and unlocked, there are sizes to fit most size sliding doors that slide on the inside track and have flat surfaces to attach the brackets.

With a glance you can see if the door is locked or unlocked.
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