Sunday, September 5, 2010

Commercial Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

The manufacturers of Lockking Security Products has developed a new version of the Original Residential Model.

The New Commercial Model will work for both Residential and Commercial applications.

The main difference is the initial adjustment made with a button screw on the bottom track.

Included with the Security Lock is a hex wrench for adjusting the button screw, screws for the brackets, as an option, and a Stoplock for added security.

The adjustment screw helps make the security lock Tamper-Proof.

The mounting brackets are pre-drilled for screws to use as an option.

As with all Lockking Security Bars,  3M VHB™ double coated Industrial Grade acrylic foam tape with super high bond adhesive secures the security bar to the sliding glass door .

The Self Adjusting, Articulating Security Bar is constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Made in USA.

The Security Lock/Bars come in White, Black and Stainless Steel.

It is a great addition to the line, it will give commercial business's the same Quality and Security as the Residential Model, and will also be tamper proof .

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