Friday, September 29, 2017

Pet Door Security

Sliding Glass Door with Pet Door Panel Lock

                                                  Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock with Stoplock

There are many types of pet doors available, some have openings through hinged doors others through walls but what we want to talk about are Pet Door Panels.  These panels fit along side of the sliding glass door when closed.

They are installed on the same side where the handle is.  When you close the sliding glass door against the Pet Door Panel it creates the doggie door.

Then Pet Door Panels are a great solution for a doggie door with a sliding glass door.  Each manufacturer has their own instructions and ways to secure the Pet Door Panel against the jamb and the sliding door.

With the Pet Door Panel installed the sliding door needs to have a lock.

Most manufacturers sliding glass door latches are useless with the Pet Door Panel in place so there is little security with the Dog Panel in place.

There are several types of practical methods to secure the Sliding Glass Door.

The most common is putting some kind of device between the sliding door and the side jamb.  One of the best devices is the Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock.

 This security bar is self adjusting and articulates with the door, it moves with the door when it opens and closes.

When the Pet Door Panel is installed the door manufactures seal between the sliding door and the fixed door is nonfunctional.  A Stoplock is included with the Sliding Glass Door Lock .  This device helps prevent any tampering with lock from the outside. 

Easy to Use, Simple Push Down Locks the Door and and a Simple Lift to Unlock panel securely.

The Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock is constructed of Aircraft Quality Aluminum and comes in three colors, White, Black, and Stainless Steel.

 Lockking offers many standard sizes for every type of Pet Door Panel.

For Custom Sizes and Colors contact

Proudly Made in America with a 5 year warranty on any mechanical defects.

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