Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock

Being Home Safe and Secure is Peace of Mind.  

When you are away from your home you want to know that you've done everything that you can to keep it secure.

Nothing can stop a determined burglar, but usually they are in and out in a short period of time.  If it's to much work they will leave.  So make  it tougher for a burglar to break in  your home.

Deterrents are what you want.  Alarms are deterrents as are barking dogs, motion detector lights barking dogs.

Alarm systems alert authorities, but there still is a little time before they get to your home, so the burglar, if he knows what he's doing can be gone with the goods before anyone shows up.  I think alarms are great, if you have neighbors that are alert to have a watchful eye.

So what we want to look at are the points of access to your home.  Front Door(s) ,Back Door(s),Garage Door(s),Windows and Sliding Patio Doors.

Windows of course are vulnerable.  Windows generally have pretty good locks, if they are made in the last 20 years.  Front Doors and Back Doors can use dead bolts which are very effective if installed correctly.  Garage Doors can be secured from the inside with a pin on the track to prevent opening.

Now we have the Patio Door or Sliding Glass Door, depending on which part of the country you are in, but still the same door.  These doors can be easy access point.

Some, if not properly adjusted can be lifted up off their track and pushed in, easy access.

This can be usually fixed with a simple adjustment, Click the Here for Instructions.

Most sliding glass door locks don't work well or are weak.  You can place a stick between the door and the side jamb, and that will work, but it can be a pain to deal with, literally, constantly bending over to remove it, forgetting to put it back, children and pets playing with it, it it's not really practical, just a band aid.

Lockkings Sliding Glass Door Lock can be installed at different heights, but the most common is at handle height.

The Lock is attached to the sliding glass door and the side jamb, the only time you need to touch it is when you unlock the door or lock the door.

 A Simply Lift up to Unlock and a Simple Push Down to Lock.

Sliding Door Lock Bar handlock1 Sliding Door Lock Bar handlock5 

 Installed at handle height, the lock will work as a deterrent as well as a security bar.  It's easy to use, so no more bending over to pick up a stick.  

If you have a Pet Door Panel you know that they are difficult to lock.  Lockking makes a Lock for Pet Door Panels.

The best way to show anyone the benefits of a product is to show them a Video of it in action.

Lockking's website offers all types of videos.  Check them out at for the best solution for your sliding glass door.

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